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May 19, 2020

Coping with COVID-19: A Message from our CEO

A Message from our CEO (1)

The pandemic seems to have put everyone on the radar and more often than not people have devised ways that have helped them fight these strenuous conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown life completely out of gear. These are testing times for every one of us around the world. As a responsible and people-friendly organization,Read More

TechChefs Admin

May 7, 2020

Keeping Business Data Safe While Working From Home

keeping data and business cyber secured covid work from home

Today we live in a world where everything and everybody is interconnected. Technologies like cloud, automation, artificial intelligence, robotics…to name a few, have made life much easier to stay connected with one another, both at an individual and at an enterprise level. But these advancements have also brought with it security threats which can postRead More

Yatish Chandra

December 10, 2019


“My journey with TechChefs began just after a few months the company was founded. I remember my first round of interview was a video interview over an app called Wepow, where in questions would pop up on the screen and the video of my replies were recorded. I was really impressed by this innovative  approach.Read More

Vivek Shindhe

January 21, 2019


Looking back at the 10 months I have been in TechChefs, the journey has been a complete roller-coaster ride. Starting from working for a proof-of-concept to working in an actual project, as a fresher, every day at work was nothing short of an adventure in reality. The best part about the company is the visionRead More

Arun Varghese

November 23, 2018

How does Security Testing add value to the organisation?

In today’s world, online data privacy has always been a apprehension for many organizations. Security breaches, it may be major or minor, will leads to loss in customer confidence. The security attacks have rapidly grown, both in quality as well as impact potential. In such a scenario, security testing is the only discipline that helpsRead More