Vivek Shindhe

January 21, 2019


Looking back at the 10 months I have been in TechChefs, the journey has been a complete roller-coaster ride. Starting from working for a proof-of-concept to working in an actual project, as a fresher, every day at work was nothing short of an adventure in reality. The best part about the company is the visionRead More

Arun Varghese

November 23, 2018

How does Security Testing add value to the organisation?

In today’s world, online data privacy has always been a apprehension for many organizations. Security breaches, it may be major or minor, will leads to loss in customer confidence. The security attacks have rapidly grown, both in quality as well as impact potential. In such a scenario, security testing is the only discipline that helpsRead More

Saba S

July 4, 2018

Interviews2.0 – The New Age Interview Approach

Interviews are being reinvented. Recruiters understand that traditional approach of hiring a candidate requires an upgrade. They are adopting new approaches, new technology and creative thinking in their hiring process to identify, attract, evaluate and recruit the best talent in the industry. The overall interview process has got a major uplift and has been upgradedRead More

Santosh Shet

June 4, 2018

How to stop the video autoplay?

Yesterday I was in a library working on my laptop and went to Forbes website to read about something. As soon I clicked on the link suddenly a video started autoplaying. I got some really annoying looks from the people in that brief moment till I stopped the video. Sounds familiar?   We all haveRead More

Basheer Mohammad

November 3, 2017

IoT – Old Wine in New Bottle or Something New Altogether?

Now, this is a question that begs an answer. Today IoT is a byword in the IT scenario. Everybody wants to be on the IoT bandwagon. Many of the big companies like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon etc. are already in lead and many Start-ups around the world are smashing new barriers everyday. We have been usingRead More