How does Security Testing add value to the organisation?

In today’s world, online data privacy has always been a apprehension for many organizations. Security breaches, it may be major or minor, will leads to loss in customer confidence. The security attacks have rapidly grown, both in quality as well as impact potential. In such a scenario, security testing is the only discipline that helps an organization to identify where they are vulnerable and take the corrective measures to prevent as well as rectify the gaps in security.

Let’s understand more on Security testing…

Security testing is a non-functional testing performed to check if an application or system is vulnerable to any of the potential attacks. This process is designed to determine that the system protects confidential data and maintains its functionality. Lost information means lost business possibilities. Security testing checks for all the possible access points used by malicious individuals.

Security testing is a critical challenge for test engineers. They face the problem of insecure software, which is perhaps one of the most crucial technical problems of our time.  It’s difficult to make software behave correctly in the presence of malicious attacks.

The people performing security tests should try to think like a malicious user and attempt to ‘hack’ into the system using multiple methods.

Security assessment forms an important component of security testing. Through this, the organization can evaluate their application code for vulnerabilities and take necessary measures for the same. Recently, many of the software development organizations have been making use of secure software development life cycle methodologies to ensure identification and rectification of vulnerability areas early in the application development process.

Recently, companies like eBay, Equifax, Target Stores, Uber, JP Morgan Chase, Sony PlayStation Network, Adobe, etc have witnessed the data breach.

If the world’s most trusted technology giants can fall to a data breach, it can happen to any organization and which leads to

  • This will be a huge damage to your organization’s brand
  • A permanent loss in customer confidence
  • Disturbance to your data means of revenue generation/collection will go down
  • Cost associated with securing web applications against future attacks will be huge loss
  • Legal implications and fees for having security measures


Security testing is the only method that helps an organization identify where they are vulnerable and to take corrective measures to prevent as well rectifies the gaps in security. More and more organizations are getting the security audits done and testing measures in order to ensure customers satisfactions.

In well connected world, acquiring of data security processes and methodologies also ensure that the organization is well aligned to the legal and compliance standards across countries – a key decisive factor when it comes to operating across world.