Interviews2.0 – The New Age Interview Approach

Interviews are being reinvented. Recruiters understand that traditional approach of hiring a candidate requires an upgrade. They are adopting new approaches, new technology and creative thinking in their hiring process to identify, attract, evaluate and recruit the best talent in the industry. The overall interview process has got a major uplift and has been upgraded to 2.0 version.AI_1

One of the major contributing factors to this has been the technology. Many companies around the world are using technology, right from screening the applications to analysing various aspects of an applicant’s personality using AI.

In the annual report “Global Recruiting Trends 2018: The 4 Ideas Changing How You Hire” published by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn gained insights from 8800+ hiring managers and recruiters. The respondents mentioned that AI is most helpful when sourcing candidates (58%), screening (56%) and nurturing candidates (55%). Unilever has adopted numerous digital initiatives and has been able to cut 75% of its hiring time. They use a combination of a mobile app, a gamified assessment tool and an algorithm-based platform to narrow down the pool of desired candidates. Then they invite them to Unilever premises for a day-long process where these hand-picked or rather machine-picked candidates interact with the company leaders. A great mix of technology and human touch.

Many interviewers also adopt different interview approaches to analyse and evaluate how a candidate would react in specific situations, like Paola Bradley, Director at SolutionForce Ltd. She mentioned incandidate discussion_GU one of her posts that she deliberately comes 10 minutes late to an interview. Her secretary seats the candidate and makes the person comfortable by offering refreshments and small talk till Paola walks in. Once the interview is done and the candidate leaves, the candidate’s behaviour is considered from the time the person walks into the organization. Paola gains insights from not only her secretary but also form the receptionist and the security guard. If any of them reported any arrogance, superiority, lack of engagement, Paola would not consider them as they were never going to fit.

Some interviewers use another methodology to gauge candidates. They evaluate interviewees based on their ability to solve real-life problems. TechChefs also follows this approach. The interviewees are evaluated based on simulated real-time problem sets and analysing them on the solutions they provide. This approach helps them not only to understand the depth of an aspirant’s knowledge but also how well he/she can apply the concepts. At Techchefs, the interviews are a combination of the modern and the traditional approaches with about 30% of the F2F interviews conducted online but for the most part, the interviews are in person.

All in all, as an interviewee a candidate has to ensure that they are in sync with these new and upcoming trends and be abreast with the knowledge to put their best foot forward during the recruitment process. Or else they might risk losing an opportunity to get that “Dream Job” they always aspired for.

Do let us know if you have ever participated or are aware of any such new age interviews or are a recruiter who has adopted such innovative ways of recruiting talent. Would love to hear from you.