IoT – Old Wine in New Bottle or Something New Altogether?

Now, this is a question that begs an answer. Today IoT is a byword in the IT scenario. Everybody wants to be on the IoT bandwagon. Many of the big companies like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon etc. are already in lead and many Start-ups around the world are smashing new barriers everyday.

We have been using the word IoT quite a bit and to make you familiar with the term, we will discuss further.

What is IoT?


IoT or Internet of Things is defined on Wikipedia as “the network of physical devices, vehicles and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data”.

In simple words, IoT is a network of devices, basically anything with a sensor and software in it.

Now let us address the question we started out with.

The possibilities and options for connecting IoT devices to the Internet grows much more than it was a few years back. It has been in hype for quite some time because of its magnitude which IoT can accomplish or help us accomplish is a bigger topic to discuss.

The ability to connect devices to an internet-enabled cloud has been around for sometime, however in recent years there has been a significant growth in available options. Thanks to new protocols, high speed connections and powerful hardware, it is easier to network devices and have them communicating. Earlier, it was used to gather low-level operational data to monitor the performance of basic, day-to-day equipment functions and operations. The idea was to constantly monitor devices and monitor errors, issue and progress as they happened and not be stuck with trying to identify mistakes that occurred in the distant past.

Having said that, there are some fundamental differences with the IoT of today. The Primary difference in today’s IoT enabled devices is that, they not only just gather iot2data and logthem, they alsouse AI to make intelligent decisions. they achieve this by “smart”communication with other devices using various rich protocols like Infrastructure (6LowPAN), Near Field Communication (Zigbee), Discovery (mDNS), Data Communication (MQTT) and many more.

Secondly, the introduction of Big Data, cheaper storage, distributed high speen data processing, ability to analyse on streaming data, Artificial Intelligence enabled Robots like Sophia have changed the perception, purpose and convenience of IoT today making it a catch-phrase in the IT world.

At TechChefs, we have invested a lot into the IoT space under the guidance of Mr. Ravi Narayan (Chief Executive Officer in Residence, Global Director and Managing Director, Microsoft Accelerator) who is a key member of the Advisory Board to TechChefs. His valuable advice and insights are ensuring that TechChefs becomes the leader in product engineering in the IoT space.

IoT is a nascent technology, rapidly evolving and providing new insights into the IT world and opening new vistas for us to explore. Akin to various technologies that have emerged, Cloud Technologies would be a major table turner for IoT as it would be highly impractical for a true IoT device to function without the Cloud.

At TechChefs, we have started our work forstar in IoT. We would like to highlight and discuss few challenges in front of us and our approaches implementing IoT in our upcoming series of posts in this space.