“My journey with TechChefs began just after a few months the company was founded. I remember my first round of interview was a video interview over an app called Wepow, where in questions would pop up on the screen and the video of my replies were recorded. I was really impressed by this innovative  approach.

This place has been abounding of creativity, innovation and cutting edge technology. Guided by the genius, business acumen and technological finesse of our management this enterprise has been an incredible story of success.

We were 30 odd employees at time of my on-boarding and we grew to a strength of 300+ in record time. Our cutting edge technical expertise, a low attrition rate and high standards of hiring have been our core strengths earning us several accolades and further collaborations from our customers.

I had the fortune of witnessing this amazing growth of our organization. I have been part of TechChefs for the past 4 years and would love to continue this exciting journey ahead.”