“Man Vs Machine” A Journey Towards Artificial Intelligence

          “Man Vs Machine” A Journey Towards Artificial Intelligence

 A machine which has the ability or skill to understand human intelligence we call it as Artificial  Intelligence (AI). The past 20 years has been a major development in the Artificial Intelligence (AI)  which comes as a part of the Machine Learning research. Now artificial intelligence has become a habit  in our daily life.


Look back with us to know how this has evolved.

  • 1997  : Deep Blue an IBM’s chess playing computer made to compete against then world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1996, but it failed to win all five games. After being upgraded in an advanced way, Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov in a rematch in 1997.
  • 2004 : NASA developed robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) for planetary rovers to make them much more self-reliant, capable of making basic decisions during a mission.
  • 2006  : AI@50 was celebrated with the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference.
  • 2010 :  IBM’s computer system Watson competed on Jeopardy’s MAN Vs MACHINE against two former winners and walked away as the first.
  • 2011 :  Smartphone assistants Siri, Google Now and Cortana are first to introduce natural language as a recommended engine to answer requests and perform actions on the phones.
  • 2012 :  Being 10million YouTube video thumbnails, Google started using deep learning algorithm for artificial brain mapping and it could identify cats with 75% accuracy.
  • 2016 & 2017  : Development of AI was creative skills with screenplays & all the top Tech Giants like Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon announced the launch of a non-profit organization that partners with AI to focus on the ethics & best practices of AI.


As the technology progressed, the AI trained system started to offer more services like a Self driven        vehicle, Self-pointed planes, corporate phones system etc. It is sure that the researchers will come out  with a result to save time and labour. The rapid adoption of the robotics production in industries is  having a huge amount of data that is generated from the computer vision technologies and large data  technology which is driving the growth of AI. The AI technology is more useful in Research, Consumer  behaviour analysis, Fraud detection, Market projection/sales forecasting, the Internet and IT security    monitoring and office automation.



According to the survey from CBS Interactive Inc, 32% of respondents say potential users in their organization have little to moderate interest in AI and Machine Learning, 26% of respondents say they lack the skill to implement or to support AI and Machine learning, but 18% says they are investing skills and development. 24 % says they are adopted and trying out the AI technology to their corporate IT security plan.




AI technology makes manhood better than the past, with the help of AI you can control your home with the voice recognition input like “lights on or off”, automatic driving access to your car (you can set the destination and sit back and enjoy the drive), the future of wearable technology, with the help of a tiny robot they can drive up any fabric with their magnetic wheels, if we get any calls or emails they alert us, Monitor our health continuously, Google maps(which helping manhood a lot by giving the correct destination.. all these are happing because of the AI technology), etc.


The man is now surrounded by the machines, which helps us to be in the better environment towards the future.