• Background


    Chirristian, the founder of NoRisk, wanted to revolutionize risk management in the entire banking industry. He desired to create a plug and play risk management tool for banks. NoRisk was to have the most advanced algorithms and work in real-time to continuously monitor and manage risk and compliance.

    The Challenges


    NoRisk had to be real-time with an intuitive dashboard. Plug-and-play capability to enable any bank to get onboard immediately was a key success factor. Plus the algorithms had to be cutting edge and had to work in real time.



    NoRisk was one of the most challenging projects for TechChefs till date!

    We chose a tried and tested technology stack. To make it more robust and enterprise class, we architected a reusable components based architecture.

    Multi Level data visualizations were the need of the hour. ChartJS and AngualrJS were chosen for the front end to provide immediate drill down analysis and to provide visually thrilling charts.

    Redundant controls which is a common problem in industry, were completely eliminated. Real time risk calculation and componentized architecture provided great user experience and plug and play capability.

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    We are very happy to work with TechChefs on iPhone App Development, Great project understanding and caliber with fast and quality work.