• Background


    A major player in Tech and Cloud was facing a problem: They needed a cloud based product for document collaboration. But the existing solutions were either owned by competitors or did not have the desired features. So, they decided to build their own cloud based collaboration platform...



    The platform, nicknamed, “SkyShelf” was to have the following features:

    • Secure transmission and file encryption at rest
    • When two people edit the same document, they should see the changes in real-time and hence needed an inherently “push” architecture
    • Digital approval with customizable workflow
    • Should work equally well on mobile and desktop
    • Edit a wide variety of files, including pdfs



    We conducted a two week “Discovery Workshop” along with the customer, at Jayanagar.

    We idea-stormed and refined the UX, key features and architecture.

    The key takeaways from the “Discovery Workshop” were:

    • Provision REST webservices using Spring-Web
    • Setup WebSockets using Node.js for push-notification and server-side push of data
    • File-store in MongoDB (larger files, faster access and searchable)
    • SPA driven by AngularJS
    • Microservices architecture (multi-instance Spring-Web and Node.js)

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  • Founder & CEO- US based Product Company
    We are very happy to work with TechChefs on iPhone App Development, Great project understanding and caliber with fast and quality work.