Scrum. This word used to give me nightmares. Reason, I did not understand completely what it meant.

Let’s backtrack a little. I joined Techchefs as a developer. I was a newbie where scrum was concerned. When my manager utteredtc_scrum the dreaded word, I was shivering in my shoes. Seeing my state, my manager quickly arranged for a short scrum training for me and a few of my colleagues who were in the same scary position.

The training helped me understand scrum process to a large extent. It removed my fear of this particular process, in any case.


It helped me perform better as I now knew what sprints (it’s got nothing to do with running) meant, what product backlog planning, sprint grooming & planning, stand-up meetings, review meetings and retrospective meetings were.

It removed the mystery from words Product Owner, Scrum Master and Scrum Team.



Now I was able to give deliverables at the prescribed time as requested. agile-meeting-1024x814

The training cleared up a lot of things for me. As we make use of the Scrum process here, I am now able to fit in and work comfortably. My work now brings me much satisfaction as I find this process producing really good results for me, my team and every product we have developed till date.

A very happy and enthusiastic developer

Deekshit Rajappa